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Arab Coin is a parent digital asset built into ERC20 smart contracts in stage one of its life cycle and will lead to the born of a next generation of Arab digital asset’s list on the event of upcoming hard forks once being moved to a stand alone ecosystem so called; Arab Coin Network “ACN Blockchain”  to translate Arab wealth into virtual world by simulating real community values along with special specifications for each asset.


Arab Coin (ARB)

First digital asset initiative to simulate the dream of Unity in Arab world into the blockchain virtual ecosystem and exchangeable Cryptocurrency over ADAX the leading online Arab Digital Asset Exchange by its own order book which adopted a floating rate threshold at 1$ minimum pricing per unit in equivalent of other Cryptocurrencies only and limited total supply 500 million unit, recently ARB is available for sell and buy orders exclusively over ADAX Bitcoin Exchange against USDT, BTC and ETH.  its good to know that Arabcoin (ARB) concept developed to be a part of future digital asset of Arabian community exposures into the global blockchain network, therefore; as an implementation of the concept then each Arabian verified account into ADAX Bitcoin Exchange will be deserve for one (1) token of ARB on free basis* as a public distribution of ARB 400 million unit subject to applied KYC and related terms & conditions.


Arab Cash (ARX)


Arab Gold (ARG)


Arab Silver (ARS)


Arab Oil (ARO)


Arab Gas (ARN)