ADAX is Arab Digital Assets Exchange and the leading online Crypto platform in Arab world and an online portal powered by Arabtizor Holdings Inc. Dubai, UAE, which is an idea raised from the concept of thinking “out of box” to discover the way how to save Arab cash liquidity from keep leaking outside region looking for new asset classes investments called “Crypto market”, hence; the best solution was lighted up is to bring what they are looking for outside to be available inside Arab world, that can limit Arab liquidity immigration toward invest in outside Crypto exchanges because then they will have one of best solutions locally in the region which can serve to not suffer from economic negative impact called “Liquidity Immigration” because shortage of sufficient solutions keep up with the times by acting in same efficiency of global Crypto exchanges, therefore; proudly we present ADAX which will serve recent and future needs of Crypto markets participants in region and exceeding more to cover the increasing demand on digital assets services and products and powered by experienced professionals in relative business aspects can take over this kind of risky business because it would be considered for a while in some point of view as the technology revolution of future ecosystem that really impressed traders and investors all over the industry.

ADAX will adopt most advanced digital assets technology and solutions all over the world as an online platform equipped by most rich tools brought from around the globe to build highest technology resources can switch back Arab eyes to Arab world again and only once they will find real sufficient solution pertaining to this asset class became a fact.

ADAX will launch its online operations service over as Crypto Exchange platform by June 2018 to go live, and will apply multiple tiers for user accounts registration along with not-verified / verified segments, while default registration formation will be labeled as General Account “not-verified Status” with limited exposures facilities and can be upgraded to Standard Account “Verified Status” with pre-set limits and can be upgraded respectively to Business Account “Verified Status” with higher limits of exposures, furthermore, ADAX will offer the region a special concept of products and services as fully powered digital technology solutions exceeding recent Crypto market concept to stamp our identity as real digital community which can compete globally.

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