Arabtizor is the Arab world gate one of the market technology solutions and leading digital assets and blockchain partner of future technology and virtual ecosystem instruments as an exclusive service provider for biggest online floor in Arab region “ADAX” the leading Arab digital assets exchange, Its good to know that, Arabtizor is a leading company in industry all over the Arab world acting as a licensed corporate body specialized totally in Blockchain and digital assets services as future technology solutions. while it’s being considered as the latest technology revolution in the market talks over its ability to employ the sophisticated technology in favor of market exposures.

We are the hub of Arab digital assets development over global virtual ecosystem and first initiative in region powered by corporate partner as a result of digital assets revolution utilizing blockchain technology to meet the growing interest in Arab region of virtual assets and Cryptocurrencies as future digital instruments and a part of next generation exposures, that we are developing a group of virtual digital instruments simulating real values in Arab community but built into blockchain ecosystem as world of virtual exposures over most decentralized global records which powered by cryptography to secure the sophisticated database utilizing open series of verifiable data blocks but is resistant to any modification

We believe that delivery of high quality in specialized blockchain’s digital assets services and products requires very high skilled professionals in financial data, software development and even architecture , meanwhile, it’s making more sense once you got the same along with most solid background of professionals in financial markets and Algorithms technology simultaneously; hence, the many of non recognized service providers over the cyber network sometimes might be not fair enough experienced sellers of this kind of professional service raised the need for a specialized corporate party To provide the best service in class of market technology solutions which supported by high skilled professionals in global financial markets with required professional software knowledge on same floor to get the job optimized as how it should be done.

Over our professional services and products we have committed to the highest levels of market integrity and standards, through playing a neutral role aside of all market participants and parties, considering ethical and professional parameters as the secret of our increasing customers confidence which was built on more than fifteen years back of cumulative hard work in financial markets and information technology fields, over the delivery of advanced technology solutions of what matter markets from professional tools and technology instruments therefore, we are considered as an added value to support Arab digital assets network over its promising start up.

Arabtizor is a market technology solutions and development company, while it’s providing advanced technology of digital data pertaining to global markets. Arabtizor is the trademark of Arabtizor holdings, Inc. licensed company in the United Arab Emirates, under certificate of incorporation IBC registration No. ICC20170744

Arabtizor holdings, Inc.
P.O Box 84059 Dubai, United Arab Emirates